In recent years, soil stabilization and storm water management have shifted from considerations to priorities. In fact, many local and state agencies have adopted very strict policies and procedures regarding soil conservation. Brogan experts understand these issues and know how to ensure optimal erosion control for your property.

Whether it’s contouring the earth to optimally direct water flow or the installation of a silt fence, Brogan is experienced with the different methods of erosion control and will determine the best means for your project. Regardless of who maintains your property, your investment in Brogan Landscaping will be evident for years to come. Erosion control services include:

    Silt fence/super silt fence installation

    Erosion matting installation

    Hydroseeding with steep slope mixes, crown vetch and clover, and hard fescues

    Hay mulching and tack

    Soil cells

    Turf pavers

    Drain systems

    Wetlands mitigation

    Basin dedication

    Development dedication

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