With more and more properties turning to hardscaping as an attractive addition to landscaping or an alternative to traditional paving, you can count on the experts at Brogan. Hardscaping opportunities include walkways, borders, steps, patios driveways, retaining walls, and even pool decking. Materials may be traditional, such as brickwork, masonry, and pressure treated timbers, or more “modern,” such as man-made paving stones.

We can show you how hardscaping is a versatile, appealing, and long-lasting option for your property. And we can help you get it done quickly and efficiently. Traffic patterns are taken into account, maintenance frequency and accessibility are considered, and only the finest materials are utilized. Specific hardscaping services include:

    Construction of walkways, steps, and patios in your choice of brick pavers, paving stone, flagstone, and concrete

    Locating and building retaining walls in a range of materials including fieldstone, brick, paving stone—constructed using a dry-laid or wet-laid technique

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